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Best Locksmith Services in Decatur

Locksmith ServicesSouthern Lock & Key is a name known in and around Decatur for customer friendly and customer centric locksmith services. We have been providing emergency locksmith solutions to all types of residential locksmith emergencies since last 18 years. Call us on 404-220-9036 for all your residential emergencies relating to lost keys, locked out doors, broken or jammed keys, home re-key solutions, high security locks, home locking solutions and all those situations that involve keys and locks. We deliver most timely and reliable locksmith services.

We started our journey as a small family owned locksmith business of manufacturing locks. We have always maintained our highest quality standards when it comes to any type of materials and locks. All our locks are made of finest quality steel and tools to ensure you get nothing but the best. We manufacture all types of locks, from basic lock and key locks to high security chip embedded key locks. We have locks that fit in all ranges. You can always find locks that suit your style, requirement and budget from our variety of locks. After spending 18 years into manufacturing locks, today we are masters of solving any type of locksmith emergencies. Our experts are available for your help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Locked Out of Your Home? Call 404-220-9036

Have you just found out that the key to your home is missing from the bunch and suddenly you are worried about the security of your residence! What if somebody who happens to know you has stolen the key? And you are leaving for a vacation with family in next two days! Worried about somebody breaking in using that lost key? Let’s not get ourselves into Sherlock Holmes mode to reach up to the possible outcomes of the stolen key. Call Southern Lock & Key and just ask for a home re-key solution, keep it simple silly! Our locksmiths are experts at making duplicate keys, providing home re-key solutions, getting high security locking plans designed for your premises. In your particular situation, you already have a key but to nullify the chances of the lost key going into somebody’s hands who could enter your home in your absence, we would ask you to simply change the key to your lock! You save money on buying a whole new lock and get a re-key solution for your door. This way old key wont be working anymore in your re-keyed lock.

We always believe in making the maximum use of resources. We understand the importance of money in today’s fast moving world and won’t ask you to spend on the things that are not needed for your situation. All our experts are skilled professionals who know their job well. They are masters of their field and capable of solving any type of complex locksmith situation with their expertise of more than 4 years into delivering locksmith solutions.

Next time when you are looking for a locksmith with expert solutions yet affordable prices, call Southern Lock & Key and we will reach your location in less than 30 minutes.